My name is Keetha M. Colson and I am a CYC practitioner. I have worked in the field of social services for 16 years. I always had the desire to listen to others and try to help them figure out the best way to solve their problems.  I decided to go to school and obtain a B.A. in Psychology at California State University Northridge.

Upon completing my degree I worked in a group home setting for 2 years.  I then went on to work in a Psychiatric Hospital and Juvenile Hall for a year. I started Praying about what direction to go in next and teaching was the answer GOD gave me.

I went back to the group home setting while I went back to school to obtain a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and Masters in Multicultural Education. Once I finished school I knew I could use my teaching back ground also in the Social Service field to teach our youth.

I worked on-call as a Teacher’s Assistant and Substitute Teacher to gain experience in the teaching field while I also worked as a Residential Treatment Counselor at my current job.  Currently I hold a supervising position over one of the units. All the positions I have held in different fields serving youth have helped me gain knowledge and tools to continue to work with the changing youth population.