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Transforming Child and Youth Care

Trainer Community

Lifetime learning is important for students but it is even more important for trainers. We offer a range of learning opportunities for instructors through our ACADEMY TRAINER COMMUNITY.

We have some of the best instructors in the field working with us. Many are leaders in the profession with deep knowledge of CYC practice. We want our trainers to continue honing their instructional skills, but we also want them to be part of a community that connects them to one another, innovative ideas, inspirational learning opportunities, and a way to contribute to the evolution of CYC practice.

After all, the best way for others to learn FROM YOU is to see IN YOU the PROFESSIONAL THEY STRIVE TO BECOME.


TRAINERS CURRENTLY IN ACADEMY TOT PROGRAMS: Practitioners who complete the CYC: Foundations Training of Trainers automatically join the ACADEMY TRAINER COMMUNITY. This is part of the one year follow up coaching that every CYC: Foundations instructor receives.

GRADUATES FROM ACADEMY TOT PROGRAMS: During 2020-2022, as we launch this new opportunity, the Academy is opening membership in the COMMUNITY to all trainers who have completed TOT courses through the Academy. This is free of cost for the first year. Subsequent years will be available on a subscription basis so you can tailor benefits to your needs.

ALL TRAINERS ARE WELCOME: Trainers practicing in juvenile justice, child welfare, recreation, youth development, foster care, disabilities, and other settings will find a wide range of topics to enrich, inspire, and build skills in training design, marketing, teaching strategies, learning facilitation, transfer of learning, ethics, evaluation, and a host of other best practice topics. These will be available for individual purchase or by subscription.

All Trainer Community members receive monthly inspirational messages from the Community sharing cutting edge ideas and best practice tips. Each also receives discounts on CYC Source webinars purchased in subscription bundles.


Trainer Community events will be held as 1 to 2 hour monthly webinars. Each month will offer a webinar focusing on skills to better facilitate CYC: Foundations Classes.

Breaking the CYC: Foundations Course into 3-hr Sessions
Facilitating Active Listening, “I” Messages, and Reframing
Owning the Curriculum: Creating Powerful Stories and Crisp Examples to Suit Your Setting & Audience
Presenting the CYC: Foundations Course as a Live Event
Presenting the CYC: Foundations Course as a Virtual Event
Facilitating Ethics Discussions
Managing Student On-line Experiences
Facilitating Fulcher’s Images of Practice Scenarios
Adding Videos to your CYC: Foundations Course Presentations
Helping Your Students Use the CYC-Source Classroom Environment

Some months will offer special topics that help trainers develop specialized skills important to trainer effectiveness. Some of these will be offered as certificate programs that include a credential upon completion.

Applying the NSDTA Trainer Ethics Code
Facilitating Discussions on Racism, Diversity, and Privilege
Assessing Your Audience’s Learning Needs
Evaluating Training Programs
Transfer of Learning Strategies: Before, During, & After Training
Improving the Connection Between Training and Staff Performance Evaluation
Helping Supervisors Better Support Staff Attending Training
Best Practices and Techniques in Virtual Training

Longer courses that offer specialized skills:

Creating Polished Professional Webinars for Asynchronous Mounting
Coaching for Skill Development