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Transforming Child and Youth Care

Organizational Change

organizational change 72dpiAs programs grow in today’s changing services environment, there are times it is invaluable to have allies you can call on to help you think through how to move to the next step. Having access to knowledgeable, experienced consultants who understand the complexities of your program and workforce while bringing a fresh perspective can make an enormous difference.

The Academy offers an array of technical support services to help you assess your current strengths and design strategies to better meet the emerging needs of your program, clients, and community. We can help you:

  • Assess current programming to evolve organizational capacity to better meet changing service demands.
  • Implement hiring practices that increase the likelihood of choosing and retaining the right people for the right positions.
  • Create an optimal combination of online, blended and live training to best develop staff, contractors, and volunteers.
  • Organize regional collaboratives to share training resources and costs for high-quality professional development.
  • Evaluate service outcomes and create data driven quality improvement systems.
  • Design on-boarding training that provides essential entry-level skills tied to progressive learning that motivates staff to engage in career-long learning.
  • Transition from caretaking to relationship based work.
  • Prioritize self-care and wellness as an organization.
  • Reward ability with competence-based staff assessment, promotion, and benefits programs.
  • Enhance teamwork with collaborative supervision approaches that guide, motivate, and empower.

We can assemble a consultant team to help you navigate to that next step. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call: (979) 764-7303


CYC Source LogoIn 2020, the Academy, working with the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice (ACYCP), Youth in Focus (YiF), National Safe Place Network (NSPN), and the Child and Youth Care Certification Board (CYCCB), implemented CYC SOURCE, a virtual market place for professional development courses and webinars. This shared space allows CYC practitioners ONE PLACE where they can find a wealth of new ideas and current ‘best practices’ emerging in the CYC community. It also provides trainers, educators, and organizations a common market place where the CYC community can find their work.

The Academy works with education and service providers to develop cost-effective on-line training solutions. We can design the programs you need or provide expertise to help your staff create high-quality on-line training tailored to your specific needs. We can provide a cost-effective Learning Management System (LMS) upon which to mount all of your proprietary staff training. Universal content can be mounted so that it can be used by others to generate royalties and income to support your programs. This return on investment can then be used to further grow your organization’s programs.

Many professional associations, educators, and trainers have learning content they are interested in mounting on-line. The Academy can work with you to modify the content from live delivery into virtual courses. The content can then be mounted in CYC SOURCE so it is available to practitioners looking for professional development. Revenue sharing agreements allow you to maintain ownership of your content while using the Academy’s international web presence to get your content in front of an expanded audience.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started.

Youth in Focus

CYC Source Logo

Youth in Focus is a collaborative of youth development experts who provide powerful, practical, brain-based training to professionals who work with youth and their families. While all young people require nurturing relationships, vulnerable or at-risk young people need them most. That’s why Youth in Focus aims its efforts at the people whose skills are truly make-or-break for young people: teachers, counselors, police officers, court personnel, foster parents, and community-based youth workers of all kinds. Youth in Focus provides customized, evidence-informed training and technical assistance to youth-service providers of all kinds.

Youth in Focus is a partnership of Bolster CollaborativeNational Safe Place NetworkPhillips ProgramsYouth Catalytics and the Academy formed in 2015. Each organization is home to expert trainers and consultants who teach the Youth and Families Thrive protective and promotive factors framework identified by the Center for the Study of Social Policy. Each also specializes in particular issues and populations. Youth in Focus collaborative members are located around the country so that experts you’re looking for are always somewhere nearby.

YiF is one of two groups that offers Youth Thrive™ and Families Thrive training for trainers.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register for an event or schedule consultation.

Office Partners

The Academy partners with many organizations to provide critical infrastructural support to the emerging CYC profession.   Academy partners benefit by sharing costs for important marketing, financial, and membership services.  This reduces operating expenses and duplication of efforts so that a larger percentage of funding can be directly beneficial to front-line practitioners and young people.

CYC Certification Board (CYCCB)

The Academy provides accounting, certification testing, application processing, renewal, and on-line training services for CYCCB.

Association for Child and Youth Care Practice (ACYCP)

The Academy provides professional development, marketing, and membership services for ACYCP.

CYC Certification Institute (CYC Institute)

The Academy provides accounting and communication services for the CYC Institute.

Youth in Focus

The Academy provides fiscal management, communication, marketing, and live and virtual training management services for YiF.

Steve Bewsey Fund

The Academy receives donations, disburses funds, and provides fund management services for the Steve Bewsey Fund.

CYCCB Workforce Education Fund

The Academy receives donations, disburses funds, and provides fund management services for the Workforce Education Fund.